FS106: Twitch plays Pokémon, Engineering Victory and Bring your Unity Game to Windows




Dragons Lair

The Moth

Engineers of Victory

Sydney Mobile .Net Developers Meetup

Out of the world’s estimated 7 billion people, 6 billion have access to mobile phones. Far fewer — only 4.5 billion people — have access to working toilets. Of the 2.5 billion who don’t have proper sanitation, 1.1 billion defecate in the open, according to the study.


His foundation announced $3.4 million in new funding on Tuesday for toilet projects being worked on by various organizations, bringing total investment in its “Reinvent the Toilet Challenge” to about $6.5 million.

New TLDs http://au.godaddy.com/tlds/gtld.aspx?isc=gtniau15&ci=83093

http://newsroom.fb.com/News/805/Facebook-to-Acquire-WhatsApp – talk about build to flip


Celebrity Salami http://bitelabs.org/

How awesome, tripview does real time tracking

Unity porting

Exclusive offer for Unity developers building games for Windows – http://blogs.unity3d.com/2014/02/19/exclusive-offer-for-unity-developers-building-games-for-windows/

Grzegorz Zwolinski Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board at t-bull.com was also thrilled to see their latest racing game surpass the 3,000,000 downloads mark in less than 3 months. http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/real-speed-car-need-for-asphalt-racing/a2474c19-a896-4032-82f6-9532c645d85f

UK dev Rebellion hits 3.5 million downloads across Windows devices in less than a year – http://www.pocketgamer.biz/r/PG%252EBiz/Rebellion+news/news.asp?c=57655

MakerBot Starts Taking Pre-Orders For Their Itty-Bitty 3D Printer – $1,375 bucks


Back at CES 2014, MakerBot announced three new 3D printers: one small (Replicator Mini), one huge (Replicator Z18), and one that’s about the same size as the one they’ve sold for years (now just the “Replicator”). With a new smart leveling system and built-in webcams for monitoring prints, these new models pack a few tricks that the older Replicators don’t.

Since that announcement, though, only the standard Replicator has actually gone up for sale. If you wanted the baby-bear or papa-bear model, your only option was to sign up for more info later.

Good news! Sort of. If you were waitin’ for the Mini-model, pre-orders just opened up. At $1,375 bucks (before shipping and taxes and whatnot), it’s the cheapest 3D printer that MakerBot offers by almost a grand.

From <http://techcrunch.com/2014/02/26/makerbot-starts-taking-pre-orders-for-their-itty-bitty-3d-printer/>