FS88: We compare start screens, Windows 8 platformer starter kit and the ecstasy of Mikey’s NBN dream

Can you top Mikey’s 1992 386DX?

Mikey's 386DX from 1992

Send us your earliest receipt or picture of your first computer.

By the Way

Marty McFly is younger than Michael J Fox

What’s on your Start Screen?

Coatsy's Start Screen
Coatsy’s Start Screen

Non-standard apps:

Mikey’s Camera Apps


XBox Something Teased

Windows Phone Game Developer Workshop in Sydney 24/25 May

Windows 8 Platformer Starter Kit

Pair youtube to TV

Random Fact

German Bus Stop to nowhere

Microsoft Campus Stuff

Wringing out a washcloth in space

What I learned from Improv Class

Windows Azure IaaS Infographic

Game Trailer Released as a Film